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The Artist's Voice

Mythical Creatures and Cultural Resistance

Jan 10, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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  • Caitlin Cherry
    The Federal Reserve Bank of New Yawk, 2012
    2-painting installation
    Courtesy the artist
    Photo: Adam Reich

  • Firelei Báez
    Blind Man’s Bluff: On Francisco de Goya’s manipulations of the elusive mirror and the Twerk Team’s eventual annihilation and production of both, 2012
    Gouache, ink, metal leaf and print on found paper
    Dimensions variable
    Courtesy the artist
    Photo: Adam Reich

  • Yashua Klos
    Rock Garden We Live In, 2012
    Ink and woodblock prints on archival collaged paper
    56 × 50 in.
    Courtesy the artist

Assistant Curator Lauren Haynes, co-organizer of Fore, speaks with Firelei Báez, Caitlin Cherry and Yashua Klos about their participation in the exhibition and their mutual fascination with the space between reality and fantasy.

Báez, Cherry and Klos each draw upon myths and folklore in their artistic practice. Báez references Caribbean folk tales, interrupting a narrative that privileges social and racial categories and inserting characters whose identities are comprised of elements of the human, animal and natural worlds. In her large-scale paintings, Cherry uses a golem as an avatar for the human race to explore issues ranging from adolescence to political histories. Klos’s woodblock collages emerge out of the detritus of the urban landscape, revealing faces, faces that challenge the notion of males as both present and absent in the socially constructed urban core.