Museum Education Practicum

At the Studio Museum, we believe that behind every transformative educational experience is a seasoned educator. The Museum Education Practicum provides an in-depth look at museum education from the guidance of the Studio Museum’s knowledgeable educators. This course is designed to provide emerging museum and arts educators with an intensive training program. The curriculum includes seminars and in-gallery lab sessions, professional talks, presentations and opportunities to observe an array of education programs. Participants also gain firsthand experience facilitating tours and workshops. While exploring both theory and practice, participants will enter into a very specific conversation around artists of African descent, contemporary art practice and programmatic strategies.

The Museum Education Practicum is offered twice a year in alignment with the academic semester, and may include a summer session. Please check back soon for information on the next cycle. Applicants must be enrolled in or have completed a bachelors or master’s program preferably in, but not limited to, the following fields: Art History, Arts Education, Art Criticism, Museum Studies, Museum Education, Master of Fine Arts or Africana Studies. Preference will be given to senior undergraduates and graduate students. All applicants must attend an institution in or near New York City (if still enrolled) and be able to commit to every Wednesday for eight weeks throughout the duration of the program.