Studio LIVE | Aria Dean x Legacy Russell

Aria Dean, Eulogy for a Black Mass, 2017, 5 min 54 sec.
Courtesy of the artist, Château Shatto and Greene Naftali

Sep 1, 2020


Watch & Listen, Watch & Listen 2020, Studio Live

Join us for an intimate Instagram live conversation between artist and curator, Aria Dean, and Legacy Russell, Associate Curator, Exhibitions. Aria Dean's work examines the structures of individual and collective subjectivity in relation to material, cultural histories, and technology. Acquired by the Museum last year, Dean’s Eulogy for a Black Mass (2018) explores memes as they map to the structures of Blackness and Black being. Through this work, questions of labor, ownership, and access are surfaced. Dean and Russell will discuss ideas of future-building, Black performativity online, and Blackness as an “aesthetic force” as it relates to Eulogy for a Black Mass.

To watch the talk, visit the Studio Museum’s Instagram page at 6:00 pm EDT.

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Studio LIVE

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